Sup bodies and souls – it’s Gage.

We’ve tried to create an accurate depiction of our inner world but it just hasn’t quite happened yet.  It will take the talents of several different alters to be able to create the multi-media project we envision.  Although – we’d love to make a diorama, it would be quite costly.  Rest assured – this is on my to do list.  Until then – this detailed blog and our upcoming Inner World Series on YouTube will have to suffice.

If you aren’t familiar with what an inner world is – you may find it helpful to read this post first. 

Our inner world isn’t very big or that complex compared to some systems and I’ve never really liked it too much in there.  It’s not that it’s not a nice place, it’s just full of drama and too much shit to deal with for a guy like me.  It is better than the external world though.  I spend my time outside of the inner world in an abandoned school house, best we can tell it’s actually in the “black space” but we don’t know for sure.  There are several people living there – so maybe they are the other alters? We don’t know but we do know about what we can access.

That’s what this blog is about.  I’m gonna try and break it down like the others do when they write these things but this is my first time writing anything other than a stand up set – so bear with me or leave.

Let’s get this shit started with an overview of the Inner World. 

We have a shit ton of wide open nature space filled with trees and flowers between the houses we live in and the fronting platform.  We live in individual houses on either side of a river. The black space is always surrounding us.  It’s usually sunny but rains every couple of weeks for Lydia’s sanity – she loves the overcast days.

The fronting area in our Inner world

Right behind the eyes of the body in the “headspace” is the fronting area.  Some of them call it the “fronting room” but it ain’t a room, there are zero doors and only two walls.  One of the walls is a set of eye balls and the other wall isn’t there – it’s just wide open to the headspace.  I’ve heard the rest of us say that other systems have like keypads and shit to protect them when they are in there. I’m jealous of that.  Maybe I can talk Jordan into getting one of them shits.

Aight – so that fronting chair is kinda like the captain’s chair in Star Trek. It’s up on this platform right behind the eyes.  There are 3 sections that you use to control to body when you’re up there.  I don’t have access to them all so you’ll have to wait for the YouTube videos to find out about that in depth or maybe someone will add to this.  The fronting platform is completely stainless steel and accessible only by ladder.  The chair isn’t really that comfortable and it’s not actually adjustable – which is hard on a 6 ft tall dude, ya know?

Our System’s waiting area

At the bottom of the ladder there is the waiting area and just behind that is the end of the path. There’s a park bench you sit on when you wait for the fronting room.  The bench is facing the “screen” that is the eyeballs in the Inner world.  I think we should name the inner world – like “earth” or “Austrailia” – but better.  Hit the comments up if you want us to name it.

To the right of the park bench and closer to the ladder that leads to the fronting area – is the sandbox that the littles play in when they are waiting or the adults/their caretaker is up there.  There’s not really much to the waiting area – that’s pretty much it.  I wonder if we could get a fountain or something to make it fancy.

Leading out of the waiting area is the path 

That path leads all the way around the headspace in one big circle to those of use who can access it – I can and Lyds can’t.  The path forks past the forest and one side heads to the houses, bridge and river.  For some of us, the path only leads to the houses and for some of us it continues on behind the homes adjacent to the black space and joins back to the right side of the path in front of Jordan and the blackspace she guards.

The path is dotted with peridot and lined with wildflowers.  It’s not like that past the bridge and behind the houses though – it’s dark and gloomy with some jagged and sharp rocks in the middle of the path.

Between the fronting area and the living area

Walking down the path away from the fronting area –  there’s the forest Izzy lives in to the left and a field of wildflowers on the right. Go too far in either direction and you hit the black space.

About 15 steps past the campfire the meetings occur at, there is a fork in the path.  There are some impressively large trees at the fork in the road.  Specifically a magnolia, a dogwood, a weeping willow and a HUGE oak tree – that’s my favorite spot to chill and draw.  Got shade and can see what’s coming from all directions.

The Right Side of the Path

This leads directly to the feet of Jordan and the entrance to the black space.  Jordan sits on a wooden bench, her short legs dangling off the ground.  Right behind her and sort of to the right, blocking the entrance to the blackspace is Salvo, the elephant – our memory keeper.  Right next to the bench Jordan is sitting on and at the feet of Salvo is a small baby blanket with Leslie laying on it.

If you don’t know who Leslie, Jordan or Salvo are – read this blog to catch up.

The Left side: Our houses in the Inner World

If you head to the left at that fork, the path will turn to the right just before you get to the gorge.  Once you hear water, you’ll see Jewel’s yurt in the backyard of Lydia’s house on the right of the path. There are two rows of houses – 6 on each side of the river.  Some are permanently occupied and some are temporary open spaces that alters move into when they are needed.  One of the houses functions as a big living and dining room.  That house is like the community space and it’s got a kitchen and shit.

Most of our houses have just one room and a bathroom. I’ve included a diagram below so you can see which house has who in it.  I won’t include a list of what is in who’s house cuz I haven’t been in any of them but the community one and mine.  But here’s who lives where currently – this changes more than anything else in the headspace does.

Our meeting space 

We meet around a campfire and sit on stumps.  This occurs in the forest right outside of the tree that Izzy lives in. Her house isn’t with the rest of ours – she lives in a hollowed out tree and cooks over a fire outside of it.  She doesn’t use the community space and prefers to eat what she gathers and hunts from the forest.  We have rabbits, deer and squirrels in our headspace.  Nothing unusual or fancy like some systems.  If you have cool as shit animals in your headspace I wanna know about them.  Message us on Instagram or comment or some shit.

That’s it – simple and not too hard to follow – right?

Check back later for links to the youtube videos and maybe that diorama.

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