Izzy is our spiritual protector. They keep us on track with meeting our needs and in alignment with our values. Izzy is what we call our “higher self” part – but they truly are just our true Self or our “wise mind.”

Izzy has been mostly an internal guiding light for all of us.

They mostly influence whoever is fronting but rarely fronts their-self. I’ve heard Izzy’s voice in my head for all of my life but I didn’t know that wasn’t normal. They are always calm and consistent. Izzy is harder to hear when we are triggered and often can’t even get close to the front during a triggered state.

Izzy first took over the body in 2015 after an extremely distressing experience with the “relatives” was over. They calmly stated boundaries and showed compassion to people who were abusing us. Shortly after that they changed our entire life. I (Lynzie) was aware of it (kind of) but also not really. It felt like something was getting me out of the traumatic environment.

Izzy often uses the mouth but not the rest of the body. This means I’m often saying, “these are not my words, they are coming out of my mouth but I never thought them!”

Izzy’s role

They guide us all (and people in the external world) Izzy reminds us of what skills to use when and they are always reciting mantras and confirmation statements on the inside. They help us all stay true to who we really are and not get bound down by what trauma turned us into.

Izzy is the most compassionate, logical and philosophical person we know. We always thought of them as the part of us that was all knowing and powerful and then we found out that she had been around all along.

Izzy is actually our “core”

The more we worked through some of our deepest fears and traumas, we began to understand that some of the good parts of the first memories were Izzy’s. It was then we discovered that our splits actually come from Izzy.

Izzy in the inner world

They are awake every morning at 3 am completing breathing and alignment rituals. They live inside a hollowed out tree and have very little belongings. Izzy is always helping someone on the inside (and outside) They don’t typically wear shoes and can be found writing most of the time. Izzy lives behind Isabelle and often helps keep both Jordan and Damien calm.

Izzy’s appearance

They are genderless, ageless and their skin glows a white bluish color inside the inner world. They have short hair that is an average brown color. They wear ratty looking skirts, shawls and ponchos. Izzy is always using herbs or energy to heal someone inside and also in the outer world.

Izzy as co-host

When Izzy fronts, it’s only to heal someone or learn something. They are who we really are so when they are fronting, we are able to regulate more easily and feel more confident. As good as that sounds, when Izzy fronts we can only work on pursuits that are fully inline with the purpose she is set to fulfill – this means we have trouble working on things for clients.

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