dissociative identity disorder conference with Toi Magazine

Hello system friends! We are sure you are just as excited as we are about the DID conference that Toi Magazine is holding for DID and OSDD systems.

But we know many systems that want to be there but can’t afford the cost because it’s expensive to attend and expensive to find accommodations in that part of California.

Since not all the systems we would want to see there can afford to attend, we decided to organize sponsorship efforts. The Casheel System (aprilhijacked) agreed to pitch in and we are underway to make it possible for more systems to get there.

Donate to the GoFundMe

How will the sponsorships work?

We will accept all donations through GoFundMe. The donation goal will continue to go up as we receive applications for sponsorships from people who can’t afford it. Toi Magazine has graciously offered to give us the early bird ticket price for up to 10 tickets! The 10 systems that are chosen to go will be randomly selected from the pool of submissions we receive. We hope to raise enough money to also offer the 10 systems that win tickets 2 days of paid accommodations to ensure they can attend.

Any additional funds collected will go to purchasing e-tickets for attendance for those who submitted for sponsorship or organizing transportation for the systems selected to attend on sponsorship.

If we don’t meet our goal – of sending 10 systems, we will choose as many systems as we can afford to send, randomly.

All arrangements will be handled by The Copacetic System (ourdissociatedlife) and Casheel (aprilhijacked) so winners can relax and just enjoy going.

What do we need from you?

Aside from filling out the form below to let us know you need to be sponsored – we need you to share and talk about the GoFundMe link. This will help make sure that we can get as many donations as we can.

Here’s the link to share: https://www.gofundme.com/f/entitledid-sponsorship?d=65d8HN4h%2BDhQZoMmOVou0ERYBFT5Bhkf1QoDEa7ELsY%3D

Sponsorship application

Please note that for legal reasons – we need your legal name and e-mail address to purchase your tickets from Toi Magazine. The name you give us must match the name on your legal identification because there will be security at the event. We vow to never utter your name to anyone and all of your information will be kept safe and not associated with your system name in any way.